Diamonds And Coal

Amethyst Point Silver Bullet Necklace

$ 30.00

According to the ancient Romans, Amethyst was believed to prevent drunkenness. A variety of quartz, this beautiful stone comes in lovely shades of purple and lavender.

-- A gorgeous natural amethyst gemstone is fitted into an upcycled nickel plated brass bullet shell casing using stainless steel hardware.
-- This re-purposed pendant hangs on a 30" stainless steel chain, and includes my special Diamonds and Coal stainless steel tag. It's my way of signing my handmade work and adding another special touch to your jewelry piece. Stainless steel means no tarnishing ever!
-- Pendant is approximately 3" tall.

-- Provides calm, balance, patience, and peace.
-- Protects travelers.
-- A meditative and calming stone.

This necklace is perfectly safe, as it contains no gunpowder or explosives of any kind.

Item is made to order. Due to the nature of natural gemstones, each amethyst will be one of a kind, and may look slightly different from the ones pictured above. I hand pick all of the stones, so rest assured the necklace made especially for you will be comparable in quality to the ones pictured above. All of our shell casings are once fired, recycled and re - purposed into beautiful pieces of jewelry.

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